New Library of Congress Essay work

I am thrilled to be asked for the second time to write an essay as guest for the Library of Congress. As a non-US author, this is slightly unusual and an honour for me. My last essay on Sweet Emma Barrett was accepted into the Library of Congress last year.

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  New Orleans' Sweet Emma and Her Preservation Hall Band (

Pause, Play, Repeat

A new book of interviews with 18 musicians at the top of their game about the impact of covid-19 on their careers, their lives and how they have managed during the  pandemic.

I am now International Editor for the Jazz Journalists Association. 

Journalists for other scenes , let's connect, share news and I can get material about other scenes on the JJA site to further JJA work and connections. 

New Book out November-

I have created this new book investigating gender disparity in UK jazz. UK jazz has its quintessential scene but I wanted to prove both qualitatively and quantitatively that gender disparity exists - or prove it doesn't. I spoke to universities, heads of jazz, festival organisers, venue managers, musicians, educators and researchers. I counted male, female and mixed acts on dozens of festivals, checked pay gap research and the book contains the findings after a lot of discussions with people in the business of music and jazz. In the book there are also positive steps, initiatives and ways ahead. 


Gender Disparity in UK Jazz COVER.png
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Women in Jazz - their own words - is coming out in October with 8th House publishing. It is 21 in depth interviews with stellar jazz women who tell their stories of their journeys in jazz. Gerogia Mancio, Sheila Jordan, Selena  Albright, Arema Arega, Jane Bunnett and many more delight in their narrative and tell many interesting, contrasting and delightful tales. 

Reviews - I have reviewed 'Flow' by Maria Chiara Argiro and Jamie Leeming for Jazz Views and Champian Fulton's 'Birdsong' for Something Else Reviews   

Interviews - Mats Gustasfsson and I got together and wrote a piece about Mats's experiences during COVID 19. We discuss new collaborations, the changes in jazz, his vinyl collection and much much more.