What people say about my work

Of course, it is not just books I write. As you can see on the Interviews and Reviews page of this site, I do a lot more and have had some incredible reactions from those I have reviewed. here are just a few for you to see. 

Hats off, Sammy, wonderful review - Ted Milton

Best review I ever had - Tony Kofi 

Sammy Stein's contribution to jazz and to music in general is beyond measure.  Her support of women in jazz crucial. She gets it - Carmela Rappazo.   

Hi Sammy. When I sent you my album to review, I was actually quite worried about how it would be received. It occupies a space that is neither wholly jazz, nor exactly what can be described as classical. I thought that it would most likely be dismissed. Instead, you took the time to really listen, and gave the album a chance to define itself, which you then eloquently reported in your review. The fact that you took it for what it is, instead of pushing it into a "genre" or a shoe box of fixed size really meant a lot to me- Kimiko Ishizaka.

Loved the interview on Jazz FM - Ruby Barker 

Sammy que buena entrevista!!!!! Great interview. Thank you so much!!!!!! --Arema Arega

Excellent writing, as always, Sammy. This has been one of the most captivating partnerships in Brötzmann's long career - Lee Rice Epstein Free Jazz Collective

I loved the review you did of the ARQ album - Alison Rayner 

 thank you SO MUCH for this thoughtful and detailed review!!! - Suzanna Ortner

Thank you so much for such an great and in depth review of the album .Its quite rare these days that I get to release anything but also to get a review that is so empathetic with the music that's recorded .I was really touched by your writing and your intuitive observations- Ed Jones

The review is awesome - you are rare in that you really hear the music and don't just listen vaguely, you understand and analyse - wonderful  - Paul Jolly  

Ah, thank you so much. What a generous review.

I'm really delighted with it .You've truly given me a gift with this article, and I'll ever be grateful. Thank you. - Paul G Smyth

Thank you so much for the beautiful writing, Sammy Stein - Elliot Galvin