All That's Jazz

(Tomahawk Press)

Described by one critic as 'the book jazz has been waiting for, this book takes the lid of the jazz industry. Talking with managers, PR companies, venues, booking agents, radio hosts and of course, musicians, this book gives the readers an insight into how it all works, education, money, the lot and performing. It looks at the past, present and future of jazz and received wonderful reviews.   

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The book featured on Jazz FM and other radio stations

Contributors include Peter Brotzmann, Carmela Rappazzo, several Blockheads, Mats Gustaffson, Gilad Atzmon and many more. 


All About Jazz

It's a fascinating read, taking in a range of opinions on some of the biggest issues in the industry.

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Anthea Redmond

Sammy Stein has earned an incredible reputation as a writer and reviewer for her honesty, profound knowledge, and professional integrity in all things Jazz. Her articles in some of the most popular Jazz Magazines on both sides of the Atlantic bear testament to the above, and her huge army of fans are strong and growing by the day and I'm happy to say I'm one of them. This book takes a holistic view of Jazz in all its forms: the music, the artists, the History, and digs deep with a breathtaking honesty that's both informative and refreshing to fans old and new. ALL THAT'S JAZZ took a long time in the making, but this book was definitely worth the wait.

Something Else Reviews

In just 200 pages, All That’s Jazz is stuffed full of jazz insight from people on the inside. But it’s Sammy Stein’s own insight that neatly sums up what makes jazz worth all the effort put into it so many people for so many years: “With jazz it is not necessary to be switched on, alert, intellectually analytical. Just allow the music, the player, speak to you. That is the art of jazz listening.”

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A book with lots of my interviews with jazz people all in one place, including Peter Brotzmann, Ted Milton of Blurt and many more. 

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