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Sammy Stein, Author

Welcome to the website for Sammy Stein.

I am an award-winning author, writer, journalist, and curator.

I have covered live gigs for the BBC, co-hosted radio shows, run a festival and have lots of on-going projects.

Here you can find out what's happening and also about my professional services.

Connect, read, enjoy, keep in touch.   

I am the International editor for the Jazz Journalists Association, I have had material commissioned and accepted into The Library of Congress, my last book won a Jazz Times Distaff Award, made their Gearhead list and was Phace Magazines' Music Book of The Year, as well as being nominated by the Jazz Journalists Association as book of the year.


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Winner of Jazz Times Distaff Award, Gearhead List. Phace Magazine Music Book of the Year. Nominated by Jazz Journalist Association as Best Jazz Book.

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