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Sammy Stein,  Author

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Press quotes

Stein is an established author and reviewer but this book takes her to another level; not only is it widely available (including in bookshops such as Waterstones) but it's also an ambitious attempt to shape debate about the future of jazz - and a successful one.

Stephen Godsall for Jazz Halo

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Getting your liner notes, sleeve notes and bio written, edited and present well is vital for any artist wishing to impress. I have worked with artists to make sure they present material without typos, mistakes and that is informative and concise. Contact me for rates.  


Hello and welcome to my site.

Here you can find information on my professional services, books and link to the blog page where you will find articles discussing all things jazz plus reviews.
I have had 5 books published, been commissioned by Readers' Digest, Library of Congress ( US) and I review for major columns. I also create liner and sleeve notes for musicians. 

I have covered gigs for the BBC and curated a jazz festival in London, as well as presented and curated radio shows. What I enjoy most is interviewing musicians, reviewing their work and creating interesting articles, usually with a high input from those in the industry. The articles reflect issues which need to be discussed in the music industry. I also enjoy shining a light on musicians and issues which normally get little coverage but deserve more.

Awards: Jazz Times Distaff Award, JT Gearhead List, Phace Magazines' Music Book of The Year, JJA Best Book Nominee. Readers' Choice 5 star award for The Wonder of Jazz, All About Jazz number 1 review article. 


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