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Welcome to my site.

I am an author of 5 books and also a columnist for Free Jazz Collective,  Something Else Reviews, and jazz correspondent for Platinum Mind. I am also the International editor for the Jazz Journalists Association. 
I have been on the BBC, Jazz Bites Radio and covered live shows for BBC radio 3. My book 'The Wonder of Jazz' went to number 1 on Amazon.  
I also ran the wonderful mini festival - the London jazz Platform , which showcased musicians from the UK, New Orleans and Europe. I 
have had material commissioned and accepted into The Library of Congress.

Awards: Jazz Times Distaff Award, JT Gearhead List, Phace Magazines' Music Book of The Year, JJA Best Book Nominee 

This site is for articles, reviews and discussion about jazz music - and often other subjects too. Check out my Jazz Report
blog to posts connected to the music that drives many people and leads to creative collaborations that can surprise and delight.


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Professional Services

I offer professional services listed below:
Liner notes
Sleeve notes
Commissioned research 

I have worked with many people including Mark Wade, Dave Jones, Patrick Ames, Perry, Chris Forte, 3D The Boss, Sluka, Committee of Vultures and many others. Please contact me for rates.